The Beginning of the Origin

Yeah, I don’t read superhero comics. I’m more of a high fantasy/historical fiction type of reader. You’d think that’d make me the wrong person to tell this story, yet here it is.

So Ghostmind’s origin story, right? It all began by the only person in the world nerdier than Dan.

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Short Story – Rooftops

Chay took a deep breath and leaned back on the rooftop, closing her eyes for a moment. Peace was hard to find in the small apartment that her and her eight relatives lived in, and it was nice not having her younger cousin bugging her, or her mother’s nagging.

It was unlikely anyone could find her up here…

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Bananacalypse – A Pointless Short Story About Panicking and Impending Doom

It was crowded today – everyone buying their favorite treats before the world ended in the morning – but it wasn’t like Lanna could put off her compulsiveness until later. It was now or never. 

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Top Ten Distractions For Writers

Distractions are so common for writers that it is a constant joke in the various writing communities. So, I thought I’d make a top ten list of distractions to fit in with this month’s theme: lists.

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