The Trials of My Heart: a Review of The Burning Maze and it’s Emotional Cruelty

Apparently, Trials of Apollo isn’t the nice clean ending to the Greek/Roman mythology series I thought it was. The third book of the series, The Burning Maze wasn’t afraid to pack an emotional pack, and drastically change the lives of major characters.

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Faith-Based Strength in Characters

Different people find their strength in different things. For me, as a Christian, I find strength in my faith. So when I see another character also find their strength in faith, I tend to relate to them more.

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Scales and Arpeggios

A well-disciplined musician will do more than run through a piece to practice. They run through scales, arpeggios, and exercises. They focus on a section that is giving them problems, and play through it different ways to help learn the notes and rhythms. Sometimes, they just tap out rhythms on their laps. It’s generally expected that musicians practice every day, sometimes for hours.

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Apologies for the sudden disappearance

Life hit hard, and I haven’t had much time to work on this blog. However, I hope to be back to the regular Friday posts again in the month of March.

For the month of March, I have planned a brief pause from my regular fiction-related posts to talk about another topic of interest – music! I will try to tie it in with my usual themes, but the main focus will be music. The fiction posts will resume in April. 

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Hufflepuff – The House of the Hardworking, or the Miscellaneous?

During the Sorting Hat Songs, the Sorting Hat sometimes claims Hufflepuffs to be hard-working and loyal, and sometimes that Helga Hufflepuff created a house for those left out by the other three houses. These two statements seem to contradict.

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Jobs in the World of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter books series doesn’t talk much about the adult life of wizards, since it focuses primarily on the student-age protagonists, but those hoping to write fanfiction might want more than the few jobs covered in the series to choose from. 

Since these aren’t the most obvious, here are some jobs that either definitely are or could be in the world of Harry Potter. 

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