Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

If there was one thing she never wanted to lose, it was her enthusiasm.

Too many times had she seen performers get too caught up in perfectionism and the stress of life and lose the enthusiasm that made them go after this life in the first place. But she was determined to not let that be her.

Not that she could ever imagine the stress, the judgement, or even the pain in her fingers or throat deter her from her life. Her enthusiasm for music wasn’t something that could just die – not like it did for so many others.This was her life, her passion, and it was a flame that she was sure could never be extinguished.

She had a dying need to make music – even when the violin strings dug into her fingers, or the theater took too much time out of her life. Even when her voice wore out or the piano had important keys broken. Even when she had exhausted herself practicing and practicing, or when she messed up so badly anyone else would have quit.

This was her life, and she loved it.

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

Image from https://pixabay.com/en/music-musical-instrument-violin-1283851/


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