Daily Prompt: Fortune


There was no such thing as good luck, Daila had written in her journal when she was eleven.

Not when life seemed determined to knock her family off their feet at every opportunity. Not when their once proud country had fallen to a ruthless dictator. And definitely not when AIs turned out to be everything sci-fi writers had feared since the beginning.

But now she knew fortune didn’t exist at all. Not good fortune, but not bad fortune either.

Not when she had managed to drag her and her sister out of legitimate hole and into a prestigious college. Not when viruses that relied on luck failed within seconds, but her hard-tested, long-worked-on attack on the AIs had worked nearly flawlessly. Not when every long thought out plan to overthrow the tyrannical government was useless within seconds, and not when a plan that relied on flexibility and adaptability worked.

Not when she had managed to undo everything she thought bad fortune had thrown on her when she was eleven.

via Daily Prompt: Fortune

Image from http://www.photos-public-domain.com/2011/09/02/fortune/


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