Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral

There is a lot of negativity about 2016. The politics of this year were depressing to say the least, and there seemed to be a new tragedy at every corner.

But 2016 wasn’t completely horrible. Charities still gave and people still took the time to help one another out. So instead of wallowing in the bad events of the year, let’s focus on the good.

For instance, a couple weekends back I was helping out at a competition for teenagers. The competition had a teamwork challenge, and physical fitness test, and an academic test. There were three teams – I knew one of them personally.

Now, this competition could have gotten very competitive. Teenagers are no strangers to trash talk and bad attitudes. But what I saw was very different – one team especially (and I’m proud to say the one I knew) showed great teamwork.

They showed it throughout the day, but the best example was during the physical fitness test. It started out with a mile run, and several of the team members ran back and ran with the slowest three members to the finish line. During the sit-and-reach, the team consistently cheered on not only their own teammates but their competitors as well.

So yes, this year did stink, but there is obviously still hope out there. The big bads of this year have no affect on the small acts of random kindness each of us can give. And remember, those six teenagers on that team who showed not only great academics and teamwork but amazing attitude and great encouragement are going to be in our next generation of leaders. So don’t lose hope yet.

via Discover Challenge: Hope Gone Viral

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