Why Newt Scamander is an Important Main Character

You know what’s annoying in a main character?

It’s when the movie/series/books display him/her as this socially awkward person in the beginning of the movie, but by the end of the movie the character is perfectly “normal”. Or when they weren’t even that “not normal” to begin with.

As someone who would be described as awkward/socially inept/weirdo by Hollywood, this is super annoying. Especially the former example. You want to know something interesting? A sudden bursts of confidence isn’t going to make me suddenly be able to look you in the eye, because not looking you in the eye wasn’t a confidence issue in the first place.

Which is why I like Newt Scamander so much. He is still a hero, still brave, still someone the audience can admire without compromising any of the “awkward” traits he displayed in the beginning. He doesn’t suddenly begin to look Tina or Jacob in the eye, or stop mumbling his words, even after going through everything he did. He still did a lot of the things I would. And I feel like this is important.

Getting over this “awkward” things takes more than a giant snake attacking you. It is a process, and I’m glad that Hollywood stopped treating it like something that can be “cured” in a couple of weeks.

Image from: https://www.inverse.com/article/23256-who-is-newt-scamander

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