Disney Princess Songs Rated

I’m a musician. And as a musician, the music is one of the most important parts of my movie experience.

Recently (AKA several years ago) I really got into Disney songs. Growing up, my mom hadn’t been a big Disney fan so I never watched most Disney movies. But, even without seeing the movies, the songs were good.

The most popular songs – though not always the best – are what I like the call the princess songs. This isn’t just a song that is sung by a princess, its the princess’s song. For an example, Cinderella’s “This is Love” is sung by Cinderella, but “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” is Cinderella’s song. 

To me, a good princess song is a hit-or-miss. So here’s the Disney princess songs listed from my least favorite to my favorite. The time period the song was released in and the actual movie quality will not be considered, but the role of the song in the movie will be, as well as the melody, characterization, lyrics, and general music-ness.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – “Someday My Prince Will Come” (Snow White)
This song is so bland. Like seriously.

Cinderella – “A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes” (Cinderella)
I don’t particularly like the melody, and the lyrics are so-and-so

Sleeping Beauty – “Once Upon a Dream” (Aurora)
The melody is pretty, and the lyrics are very poetic, but it doesn’t really stand out.

Brave – “Touch the Sky” (Merida)
Excellent song, but doesn’t really have a purpose in the movie nor is at actually sung by Merida. Love the violin/fiddle in the beginning though.

Beauty and the Beast – “Beauty and the Beast” (Belle)
I had a hard time deciding which song was Belle’s song, as she doesn’t really have much of a solo. However, this song is very well-written and the lyrics are very romantic.

Aladdin – “A Whole New World” (Jasmine)
The melody for this song, and the way the duet flows is beautiful. However, it doesn’t feel very important to the plot, except it bonds Aladdin and Jasmine, nor does it really give Jasmine a powerful solo like others on the list.

Tangled – “When Will My Life Begin” (Rapunzel)
This is a great introduction to Rapunzel’s characters. However, melody wise it’s not the prettiest or strongest, and I don’t find myself enjoying listening to this one alone.

Frozen – “For the First Time in Forever” (Anna)
This songs gets lots of points for being so Anna. The entire song – the melody, the lyrics, the tempo, and the instruments – describes who Anna is, what she hopes for, how enthusiastic she is, and her idealistic and somewhat naive view of the world. But again, it’s not exactly enjoyable to listen to outside of the movie.

Frozen – “Let It Go” (Elsa)
This song would probably be higher on the list if it wasn’t so overplayed. It is a pivotal point in Elsa’s character development, is catchy, and gives a powerful feeling to Elsa’s character. However, as stated above, it was played to the point of annoyance.

Pocahontas – “Colors of the Wind”
This has a very strong melody and a great message for little kids to hear. It also describes Pocahontas’s views of the world very well, and has great messages mixed in with the lyrics. It gives shows Pocahontas as very strong-willed, though I’ve heard it said that she looses it in the end I may or may not have forgotten how it ended).

The Little Mermaid – “Part of Your World”
This may be this high on the list due to nostalgia (which is funny, since I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the whole movie), but I couldn’t bring myself to put it down any further. I don’t really care for the lyrics on this one, though it again showcases Ariel’s view of the worlds and her dreams. What I love about this song is just the beautiful melody. The whole piece, instrumentally and melodically wise, is just a masterpiece.

The Princess and the Frog – “Almost There”
This is a great song for little kids to be listening to. Like the two above, it shows Tiana’s beliefs, wants, and dreams and is a brilliant example of a positive attitude little girls would do good to learn to have. It’s also catchy, well-written, and gives Tiana as a character a powerful and very motivated feeling. It makes Tiana one of the best princesses as far as origin of motivation goes.

Moana – “How Far I’ll Go”
One of the things I like about this song, and Moana in general, is she seems to be one of the only princesses (though she isn’t a princess) that actually feels a duty to her people. She’s also adventurous, intelligent, courageous, independent, and everything else that I look down upon the above princesses for lacking – and this song showcases all of… well, most of that. . This song has an important part in the movie, and does a good job of describing Moana’s inner struggle.

Mulan – “Reflection”
Best. Melody. Of. Any. Song. On. This. List. Period. Also, like “How Far I’ll Go”, it does a good job of describing  Mulan’s inner struggle, while displaying her beliefs, wants, and dreams like “Colors of the Wind”, “Part of Your World”, and “Almost There”. It shows that unlike many other princesses (and yes, Mulan is an official Disney princess), Mulan feels a duty to her family. So basically, it has every good part of the four songs listed above combined in one.

(Cue WatchMojo voice): So what did you think? Do you agree with my list?

Image from: http://disneyprincess.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Disney_Princess_Songs?file=Princess_almost_there.jpg



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