Cool Powers and Headcannons for Percy Jackson OCs

One of my favorite things about the Percy Jackson world is the leeway fanfiction authors have with original characters and minor characters. One of the things I have the most fun with is what powers other characters from other cabins would have. So, instead of letting the ideas keep bouncing around in my head, I decided to make a list:


Outside of the obvious plant-controlling powers, children of Demeter will always smell really fresh. Also, they can feel plants and such if that makes any sense (has anyone read The Bayern Books? I’m talking about something along the lines of Rin’s tree speaking, but for all plants). They can tell how deep the roots go, it there’s a sickness, and even detect secret entrances that might hidden by trees and stuff.

Also, children of Demeter are seriously vulnerable to pollution, and feel better in sunlight.


Besides naturally being tougher and better fighters, children of Ares also can decipher any codes or secret messages between armies.


Children of Apollo have perfect pitch and can direct the sun to glare directly into other people’s eyes. Like the children of Demeter, they also feel much better in sunlight and hate darkness and silence.


For some children of Aphrodite, clothing never gets in the way. They can run in high heels, can do athletic things in even the tightest dress or most uncomfortable outfit.


Since Hermes is the god of messengers, his children can speak and understand all languages.  They are also naturally fast and some children have the ability to automatically unlock locks (this is cannon by the way). They also can sense paths and whatnot (god of travelling) and pilot/drive all vehicles.


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