Repetitive Flaws in the Arrowverse TV Shows

An interesting fact about me is that I am one of those people that yell at the TV when characters do stupid things.

Lately, we’ve been watching CW’s four superhero shows – the “arrowverse” as I’ve heard it called – and I’ve been finding myself more and more annoyed at the TV shows. There are multiple, reoccurring things that I have found myself shouting at the TV for, and these are the most annoying of them.

Bad Time Travel

This is specific to the TV show Legends of Tomorrow, and makes me wonder of the writers have any logic. There are multiple problems – like choosy Butterfly Effects and things happening at different times “simultaneously”. Fun fact: things that happen at different times can not happen simultaneously.

Then there’s the butterfly effects that keep coming up. For instance, in this season, Professor Stein talks to a younger version of himself, and this accidentally gives him a daughter. However, when Sara Lance loses it and tells big bad Damien Darhk that his plans in the future will fail, nothing changes at all – Damien Darhk clearly doesn’t reconsider his plans, or tries to use the rant to his advantage.

Then there’s the bootstrap paradox. In the first season, the Time Masters decide to kill Rip’s family because they know what will happen if Rip’s family dies. But how do they know? It sounds like their arriving at this conclusion because they’ve seen Rip’s family die and they know what he will do, but then who killed Rip’s family in the first place?

Unbeatable Villains 

Or villains the heroes defeated, but still come back. Damien Darhk is a serious violator here. He was the villain in the last season of Arrow, and had been defeated many times just to reappear at a later time. Then, after the Green Arrow did defeat him, Legends of Tomorrow brought him back as well as Flash‘s previous villain The Reverse Flash. Can we please just be done with him?

Characters Getting Mad At Other Characters Either For Things They Have Done/Attempted to Do, or Will Do At Some Other Point

Basically the plot of the last couple Flash episodes. Barry Allen went back at time at the end of the last season to save his mother, but this broke time travel rules and eventually he had to set time straight – but some things were still broken. When he admits this to everyone else – especially Cisco Ramon and Sara Lance, who makes an appearance in the three-and-a-half-night crossover – they get mad at him.

However, Cisco goes on to open the Philosopher’s Stone in an attempt to save his brother, even when Caitlin Snows warns him not to, and this unleashes the big bad of the season. Sara, on the other hand, had recently attempted to kill her sister’s murderer Damien Darhk, and had to be talked down by one of her teammates. Neither had any room to talk. Not to mention that Barry did eventually let his mother be killed, which was something that had to take serious bravery.

Flash Gets The Same Villain Everytime

You know, because only a speedster can really challenge a speedster. Season one’s big bad was The Reverse Flash, a speedster from the future that knows all of Barry’s secrets. Season two’s villain was Zoom, who was faster than The Reverse Flash, could do more fancy things than him like create doubles of himself, and managed to spy on team Flash. Season three recently introduced Savitar, the first speedster, who, like The Reverse Flash, is from the future and knows all of the character’s fate and also can control people’s minds. Even with the new gimmicks though, the speedster vs. speedster thing is getting boring fast.

The Characters Are All Idiots At Least Once

Would someone please explain why everyone is so against Wally West helping Barry out? Thankfully, that was finally resolved, but I never understood what was so horrible about it in the first place. They all care for Barry – shouldn’t they want him to have help?

And Felicity isn’t much better. She broke off an engagement with Oliver because he didn’t tell her about something he had basically been blackmailed into promising he wouldn’t tell anyone about. It wasn’t his fault, even if it was a big deal, and Felicity is usually much more reasonable than that.

The Banshees

Barry has time traveled multiple times, but only once did the banshees – which apparently show up when anyone messes with time – actually make an appearance, and that wasn’t even after his biggest mess up. Where are they now?

False Advertising

Please tell me I’m not the only one disappointed in the “four”-night-crossover event.

First, the Supergirl episode it was supposed to start with gave like a minute to the plot. Then, the super-hard-to-beat aliens were easily beaten, and the team didn’t do much you couldn’t see with them separate. Also, there is no reason in the universe the aliens would speak something like Hebrew, or why human tech should even be able to do anything to alien tech.

Then There’s Supergirl 

I don’t know if Supergirl actually counts as Arrowverse, since she lives on a separate Earth, but I really need to write this down so I’m putting it in here.

Kara Danvers is super annoying. For one, she’s hardly super, even if she’s kryptonian, and consistently loses to enemies she should easily overpower. Next, she acts like she has some right to be a journalist, and treats her very reasonable boss like he’s a monster. All he’s actually complained about is that she has no credentials at all for her job, consistently turns in no sources (which is a major part of journalism), is almost always biased (again, being unbiased is a major part of journalism), and can’t actually write well. But because the girl upstairs said she could, Kara acts like she deserves to be treated the same as the journalist who have studied journalism, turn in reliable sources, write mostly unbiased, and can write well.

Then there’s the character-centered morality in the TV show.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with Kara Danver’s view of the world is treated as horrible, including the people who I think actually make sense, like her new boss and Maxwell Lord, a character consistently treated like a villain for believing that people shouldn’t rely so much on others and try to take care of themselves. Not to mention that that was in an episode where Kara Danvers was out of the fight – if anything, she should have gotten over herself and helped his efforts. The whole series resolves around the fact the Kara is almost always right.

And personally, I think her sister Alex would make a better protagonist. Just imagine her and Maggie running around, defeating villains through hard work and skill. Doesn’t that sound more appealing?

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