Technology and Magic

So, I’ve been working on a side novel for a while ago. In this world, magic is highly prevalent but the technology is highly advanced as well. And guess what? No magical Guardian of Fantasy came down and told me it was illegal.

Yes, we all want to write a world that has that medieval feel to it. In fact, I only created this world so I could play with dragons. But the problem with that is that we all want to write a world that has that medieval feel to it, and this is creating a large amount of fiction with that medieval feel to it.

See what I’m getting at? It’s overdone.

And it’s easy, too, because so many authors have done it in the past. It’s easy for you to just do what everyone else has done (want to do that? Write fanfiction). Why not stretch your and the reader’s imagination by going beyond the medieval trope?

Now, a lot of fantasy novels give excuses like electricity doesn’t work near magic or that using technology would get a character gobbled up by a monster, but that doesn’t have to always be true. Go beyond what you see in other stories, and create your own world. There is no set of rules for fantasy anyways – that’s the fun of it.

Also, couldn’t there be magical technology? Why couldn’t someone have invented a really cool device that worked on magic instead of electricity?

And just imagine the creative possibilities that come with combining magic and technology. Now, does that medieval feel sound that awesome?




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Blogger Hannah Heath has some cool setting ideas at



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