The Guardian of Fantasy

There are certain ways fantasy has to be written. It’s clear in every piece of it you pick up. But why can’t authors break the rules?

The answer is obvious – the Guardian of Fantasy. This guardian hovers over fantasy writers, waiting for them to make an unforgivable mistake. Once they do, he curses them so that they can never write again!

The guardian has never been seen, but many still describe him as about six foot two and a half, with shiny, silky, blonde hair and deep, dazzling, hypnotizing blue eyes. He dresses in battle armor and carries an ax that will never see battle. His boots clump with every step he takes (which he doesn’t, since he can fly), making him sound like an army of giants.

And he’s always watching. Otherwise, someone might do something crazy and break the rules – those life-saving rules that every author must heed by.


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