Character Dating Profile

I found this while looking around, and decided to try it out using the main character of my current novel-in-progress. This is from his character at the start of the story.


  1. Link back to the creator The Orangutan Librarian
  2. Answer as your/a character
  3. Have fun!

❤️ Name ❤️

Mark Coryell

❤️ Age ❤️



❤️ Interested in ❤️


❤️ Looks ❤️

Brown, floppy hair and brown eyes. Average height and weight

❤️ Religious views ❤️

Not religious

❤️ Greatest ambition ❤️

Helping young kids become better readers

❤️ Favorite Hobby ❤️



❤️ Three BEST Skills ❤️

Public speaking, understanding hard to understand stories, dealing with children.

❤️ Ideal Partner ❤️

Someone intelligent, kind, and charitable

❤️ Perfect Date ❤️

A library or bookstore

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