The Palace of Snow

A crunch sounded with every step

As he crushed the snow beneath his feet

He zipped his jacket up to the top

How he longed for a little heat

The sun reflected off the snow

It was as bright as it was cold

The wind howled as it brought up snow

A sight prettier than gold

There were no signs to show the way

He only knew to go north

Past the field, through the trees

To a place of great worth

A priceless palace

Standing proud above the trees

With silver doors and bronze floors

With locks of crystal and diamond keys

He kept walking through the snowy grass

The walk was challenging and long

The field was empty aside from him

No mice or birds, not a squeak or birdsong

The field turned into forest quicker than light

With fallen trees glistening with snow

And bare trees with branches covered in ice

The forest appeared to be aglow

The sun and snow glared with sunlight

As the man continued on

Across a bridge over a frozen creek

He wondered where the fish had gone

Silent except for the crunch of snow

And the freezing wind’s howl

The forest smelled like snow and moss

It was all good, nothing foul

He knew he was nearing the palace

When the snow turned to stone

A path bordered by frozen water

A path hardly known

Ice covered all but the path

So the man did not slide

But the stone wasn’t smooth

Its care long denied

The man tripped once or twice

But he did not fall

He kept his eyes on the horizon

Watching for the opal wall

Soon he arrived at the entrance

To a cracked wall and smashed door

He made his way on half of a bridge

And onto a beaten floor

And he arrived at the palace

Described by legends sung long ago

And he made camp at the ruins

The ruins of the palace of snow

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