DC Extended Universe Vs Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s commonly agreed that the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is no match for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, many fans of the DC characters claim that the Marvel fans are biased, and that the DCEU movies are just as good.

Firstly, that’s (to me) obviously not true.

Secondly, I have absolutely no problems with fans of the DC Comics, DC characters, or the Arrowverse or DCEU. You don’t automatically have to dislike something just because it has some glaringly flaws (or else we couldn’t like anything).

Thirdly, the only movies I am going off of are Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. BvS was my first dip into the DCEU, and I have not watched any movies that came out before.

Finally, no I am not claiming that I can make better movies than whoever was behind BvS and Suicide Squad. That doesn’t mean I can’t critique their works.


Suicide Squad spends way too much time with flashbacks. It’s boring and bad character development, and it definitely started the movie off on a bad foot.

MCU, on the other hand, rarely uses flashbacks and rarely at the beginning of the movie. They never rely on flashbacks to introduce characters, either.


The characters in Avengers had stand-alone movies that introduced the characters, gave them back story and motivation before throwing them together. Suicide Squad was made up of completely new characters, and, as I said above, too much time was spent on flashbacks to give them development.

Character Development

Very similar to the above choices, one of the major problems from Suicide Squad was character development. The beginning was mostly direct characterization, or tell don’t show, and most of the indirect characterization came off as forced. This was probably an effect of the previous topic, since none of the characters had much of an introduction before the movie.


If there is one thing I hate more than how stores in a mall all play different songs than the actual mall, it was the radio-changing effect the beginning of Suicide Squad had. Just. Stick. To. One. Song.



We can all point to the places in the MCU movies that set-up the next movie, but these are usually either end credit scenes or one-to-two seconds long. In BvS, a good minute or two is devoted to Batman going over Wonder Woman’s files for the soon-to-be Justice League. The set up was too long, too forced, and barely relevant to the plot.


MCU’s characters are just happier than DCEU’s. Movies like Age of Ultron are full of small quirks, repeatable phrases, and catch phrases that had it’s audience laughing. None of the DCEU’s movies have that same humor affect, though it probably shouldn’t copy off of MCU exactly. BvS had a gloomy feel, whereas the MCU equivalent Captain America: The Civil War had some humor, even among the deep topics.


Amanda Waller has horrible logic. I know that MCU’s sometimes fall down, but Waller put together a team of known criminals just in case a hero also turned out to be a hero. In the same universe probably at the same time Batman was finding a bunch of good guys that could also make a good team. It just doesn’t make sense.

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