A Divergent AU That Hasn’t Made A Story

I do two things a lot: read and write.

These two actions are very similar. And, for me, they tend to intertwine a lot. I read something. Rather I like it or not, the writer part of my brain automatically wants to write about it. If I like the ideas, and I’m not ashamed to say I actually read that, I might translate that into fanfiction.

A long, long time ago, whenever the Divergent movie came out, I had a brilliant, sort-of AU, sort-of headcannon idea for Divergent. But I haven’t been able to actually write anything about it, so I’m putting it down here.

In the cannon, Tori’s brother was drowned because he was divergent (actually, he wasn’t, but that’s besides the point). During the story, another character drowns – Al.

I am, like, 90% sure that Veronica Roth didn’t intend for that to be taken further than the reason given in the story. Al felt terrible about betraying Tris, the main character, and he was failing initiation, so he jumped.

But what if he didn’t? What if he was killed the same way Tori’s brother was (not, but again, that’s beside the point).

For the most part, the characters in Dauntless seem… Dauntless, even the transfers. But Al still acts Candor, the faction he’s originally from. The scene where this stands out especially is the knife throwing scene, where Eric asks if he’s scared, and Al answers honestly, yes he is.

Candor would be dangerous for Divergent, even more so than Dauntless, because of their initiation process – which involves a series of questions while under truth serum. If Al was divergent, but only for Candor and Dauntless, Dauntless might be his only choice.

The obvious problem with that is that while Tris, and divergents in general, are excellent at the second stage of initiation, Al isn’t. But there’s a simple answer to that – even knowing that the serum isn’t real, Al is too scared to calm down. He seems more susceptible to fear than many of the other initiates; it could be that he just can’t beat the simulations. But his actions in the simulations are still enough to tip off authorities (is Four the only one doing stage two? I can’t remember), and he ends up in the chasm.

Image from We Heart It

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