Making a Mountain of a Molehill… or a Scandal Out of a Two-Second Scene

Social media is annoying. Especially if you follow a lot of pages (and I do).

For about a month now, all I’ve been hearing about is Disney’s first “openly gay character” in the movie Beauty and the Beast. Most of the articles were about negative reactions, specifically parents. Many complained that it was implanting thoughts into children’s brains, or asking what they would tell their children, etc…

Which, even if it was a big deal in the movie, was annoying. But the thing was, it was barely noticeable.

If you were paying attention, had heard about LeFou being gay, or had one of those weird fangirl shipper mentalities, you would have noticed that LeFou had a crush on Gaston. But, if you were paying attention to other things, hadn’t heard about it before, and didn’t have a brain that automatically shipped every two characters closer than strangers, then you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

LeFou did get something like a redemption arc that I don’t remember him having in the original film, but that had nothing to do with his crush on Gaston – in fact, it was more of him getting over Gaston. And I enjoyed the new character arc – it fit the story, and made LeFou seem more real.

And that supposedly gay scene? LeFou is briefly shown passing a man during the end dance. It didn’t even last two seconds.

All of that controversy for a two second scene? Seriously?

Image from Screenrant

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