Boycotting vs. Making Your Own Decisions

One of the most powerful ways consumers in America have to impact business decisions is the boycott.

This works for nearly every business, as history and logic shows, even movies. The problem with movies is that it’s hard to make your own decisions about it if your boycotting it, and that’s how you end up making a mountain of a molehill.

Lately, there’s been two movies that have been the source of major controversy: The Shack and Beauty and the Beast. I saw both of these, and I enjoyed both of them. But leading up to the movie, I saw many articles about why they were bad.

Lots of parents called for a boycott of Beauty and the Beast over one of the characters being gay, but the gayness, for a lack of better term, barely surfaced in the movie. They were just reacting to what they’d heard, and it made them sound ridiculous.

But you can’t make your own decisions without watching the movie, and if you watch the movie you can’t boycott it. And there’s been some movies that deserved to be boycotted for several different reasons.

So, is it better to boycott a movie and not spend money on something you might disagree with, or make your own decisions and support a business that you wish you didn’t?

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