The Flash and Forced Conflict (And a Pointless Rant)

To be completely honest, I asked for it when I watched The Flash again.

For reasons stated here, I had lost interest in the show a couple of months ago. However, my mom put on an episode a couple of days ago and I half-watched it while writing.

I’d like to state that I had missed a few episodes, so I wasn’t completely caught up and what all was happening, but logic was enough to call out some of the bull in the show.

The main piece of forced conflict came after Wally demanded Cisco to show him the vision Barry had of Iris, Wally’s sister and Barry’s fiance, dying. The vision was short and not very descriptive, and it didn’t give much warning or backstory to Iris’s death.

Barry, having seen this vision a while back, had realized that Iris wasn’t a ring in the scene, and decided a good way to prevent the vision was to propose to Iris (so that she’d be wearing a ring). Now this logic is bad in itself, and I’ll come back to that.

But then Wally sees the vision, once. Now, there is a lot of commotion is this scene, but somehow despite that he also picks up the very minor detail that Iris is not wearing a ring. And his mind immediately jumps to the conclusion that the only reason that Barry proposed to the girlfriend the writers had painstakingly tried to make his soulmate was so that she’d have a ring that she didn’t have in the vision someone trying to mess with Barry’s head had shown him – and he was right.

Not only was his absurd jump to conclusions right, but he decides that Barry trying to save his sister like this was despicable, and goes off on him in front of everyone. Shouldn’t Wally want Iris to be wearing that ring as well – she is, after all, his sister. But I guess the writer’s needed conflict, so they made Wally to jump to absurd conclusions, and then go off on Barry for trying to save his sister.

And then Iris decides she may not want to marry Barry now. Because he had the double motive of wanting to save her life. She doesn’t go “Oh how sweet”, or realize that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him anyways (she did say yes after all). No, she acts as if what Barry did was despicable.

To add injury to pain, no one, and I mean no one, went “That’s a good idea, maybe you should wear the ring, even if you are going to call of the engagement”. Also, why didn’t Barry just be honest about his motives in the first place? Why didn’t he go “Hey, you’re not wearing this when you die, so maybe you should wear this constantly and let’s see if maybe it prevents you from dying”.

Or maybe he could go “You still have long hair when you die, so why don’t you go get it cut or dye it an outrageous color?”. Or they could throw out the clothes she was wearing in the vision. Or be safe and do all three.

But no. Barry had to propose, and Wally had to overreact, because the writers wanted conflict.

(Also, the whole appearance-changing idea is faulty in itself, but I will excuse that because when your girlfriend is about to die and you think dying her hair will have even smallest possibility of changing that, you go with that logic).

*Rant over*

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