Embrace the Mock

With the rise of YouTube came the rise of an evil. This horrible darkness has taken many favorites of the fandom world, from books to movies, and from TV to video games.

This evil of evils is nothing less than the horrid parody.

Parodies have been along for a long time. During English Lit (which I unfortunately had to suffer through), we read several parodies from eons ago. One of the most tolerable stories from that course was a parody  – “The Rape of the Lock”.  As long as there have been things to make fun, there have been those awful killjoys that have enjoyed making fun of it.

Or at least that’s how a lot of people seem to find parodies. But if parodies are such killjoys, why do we say we’re making fun of them?

A lot of people, especially sci-fi and fantasy geeks, actually like making fun of the things they love. For me personally, pointing out flaws and making fun of what I’m watching – whether it’s something I love like Doctor Who or something annoying like The Flash – is one of the best parts of watching anything. When at home, I love making mocking remarks at the TV screen, to the annoyance of my sister.

There’s a reason why parody channels like Screenjunkies or HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) are so popular, too. For one, they point out the plot holes we notice, but they are also hilarious (usually). My favorite Piano Guys video was a parody – Cello Wars. 

So, here’s my advice: Embrace the Mock.

Image from Wikipedia

(Also, Cinemasins is going to have a field day with the opening credits for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2. Like, seriously, how long can you make the credits for one logo?)

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