25 Favorite Episodes

I’ve discovered that, whenever I’m bored, I have a list of specific episodes from a ranging from a variety of TV series that I automatically go to. So, here is a very long list (with very short and useless reasons) of my  favorite episodes.

25. “And What Lies Beneath the Stones” from Librarians

The concept of this – a shape shifter who grows as lies are told – is interesting and is one of the best of the series.

24.  “A Servant of Two Masters” from Merlin

Leon is so hilarious oblivious in this one, and Dragoon’s appearance was great

23. “Blink” from Doctor Who

As the introduction to one of the scariest Doctor Who episodes, this one is put together extremely well as it focuses on a non-main character, and her discovery of the Weeping Angels.

22.  “The One Where Underdog Gets Away” from Friends

As one of the best Thanksgiving episodes – and the first – the point of being with friends on the holiday really stands out.

21. “The Robot of Sherwood” from Doctor Who

This has to be the funniest Doctor Who episode.

20. “Sweet Dreams” from Merlin

One of the more insignificant episodes from season two, and with a concept that was done several times throughout the show, this episode still manages to be hilarious.

19. “And the Crown of King Arthur” from The Librarians

Three words. Ninjas in Oklahoma

18. “The One With Phoebe’s Wedding” from Friends

Can I just say, if I ever get married, I am definitely walking down the isle to steel drums.

17. “And the Apple of Discord” from The Librarians

The character development this show gives to each of the characters is great. And Lamia’s reaction to it all is hilarious. (Not to mention the Flynn/Eve in it, especially when they both get the apple).

16. “With All My Heart” from Merlin

One of the more romantic episodes on this list, I just loved the Arwen in this.

15. “The Girl Who Waited” from Doctor Who 

Rory is just amazing in this episode. Just amazing.

14. “The Evillustrator” from Miraculous Ladybug

Yeah, I know it’s aimed at kids, but the show – and definitely this episode – is actually really fun to watch. (But why did Netflix put it chronologically after “Lady Wifi”? Lady Wifi is mentioned in one of the scenes. It just doesn’t make sense in that order)

13. “Lamia” from Merlin 

The Merlin/Gwen friendship in this is just amazing, and seeing Merlin take on the role of physician – even if it didn’t quite work out – was refreshing.

12. “And the Happily Ever Afters” from The Librarians

The concept behind this, and the character development Moriarity gets, is great. It was just really well done.

11. “Miri” from Star Trek

I feel like this should be higher on the list, but it somehow ended up all the way back here. Still, this episode is amazing, with amazing… everything. One of the best sci-fi stories ever.

10. “The Empty Child”/”The Doctor Dances” from Doctor Who

“Are you my mummy?”

9. “The One Where Everyone Finds Out” from Friends

The way Rachel and Phoebe react to finding out is hilarious, and the end with Chandler and Monica…

8. “Time Heist” from Doctor Who

I don’t like Twelve. I just don’t. But this episode was so good, and so well-written, I still love to watch it.

7. “The Coming of Arthur Part 2” from Merlin 

I think it was this episode that the series changed from characters with Arthurian names to Arthurian characters, and that’s why it’s so good.

6. “The One With the Proposal Part 2” from Friends 

I love the proposal. It’s so sweet, and with such a build-up to it… Definitely the best episode in the entire ten seasons

5. “Beauty and the Beast” (both parts) from Merlin 

So. Hilarious.

4. “Human Nature”/”Family of Blood” from Doctor Who

I don’t understand how anyone can watch this and still not like Martha. On another note, seeing The Doctor as human was interesting, and really well done on the writers’ part.

3. “And the Point of Salvation” from Librarians. 

Epic character development with Ezekiel. Just really well done, though I didn’t particularly like erasing Ezekiel’s memory at the end as well as his development, but it still showed his potential and how much he cared for the others.

2. “Midnight” from Doctor Who 

This episode was creepy, but the concept behind it – and the mentality of the other passengers – was very interesting. Also, who couldn’t like Colin Morgan in Doctor Who? 

  1. “The Fires of Idirsholas” from Merlin 

This episode is a major turning point in the series, and the tension is incredible. Yeah, a lot of fans criticize Merlin’s decision at the end, but had he approached her and giving her the option, and she declined, there would have been no way to stop it (in the confusing, spoiler-free version of events).

Image from TV Fanatic

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