A (Painfully Obvious) Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz

Post your answer in the comments below, and I’ll tell you what Hogwarts house you’re in!

  1. What type of clothing do you wear?
    1. Hippie and tie-dye
    2. Smartly, with lots of blue
    3. Punk
    4.  Evilly and green
  2. What’s your favorite animal?  
    1. Dog
    2. Owl
    3. Griffin
    4. Snake
  3. What’s your favorite place in the house?
    1. Kitchen
    2. Library
    3. Outdoors
    4. Secret lair
  4. What’s your favorite activity? 
    1. Eating
    2. Reading
    3. Running
    4. Plotting
  5. Your weapon of choice?
    1. Kindness
    2. Knowledge
    3. A sword
    4. Poison
  6. Favorite color?
    1. Yellow
    2. Blue
    3. Red
    4. Green
  7. What store do you shop in the most?
    1. Floral shop
    2. Bookstore!
    3. Athletic wear
    4. Hot Topic
  8. What type of music do you listen to? 
    1. Indie
    2. Classical
    3. Pop
    4. Rock
  9. What would you want an award in the most? 
    1. Loyalty
    2. Knowledge
    3. Snowboarding
    4. Anything with a money award
  10. What do you value most in the world? 
    1. A good work ethic
    2. A mind full of knowledge
    3. Bravery
    4. The ability to get what you want

Comment your results below and I’ll tell you what house you’re in!

Image from Pottermore

Disclaimer: This has been a parody

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