Crossovers are extremely popular in the world of fanon, mostly between similar genres. Recently I started my own crossover story called “Interference“, and found some struggles in writing it.

The biggest struggle I had, and have seen other writers struggle with, is keeping the two worlds balanced. The main character Interference is Thalia Grace from the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. By the time of the story, she’s been immortal for a while now, and challenging her while keeping her as skilled as she should be was challenging. By slowly depriving her of her weapon of choice – the bow – and giving her a harsh environment to work with, I managed to have her struggling by the end of the story.

Recently I read a crossover story between two superhero worlds, but with completely different tone. The author, who was completely amazing, managed to balance the tone of the worlds, keeping the more lighthearted world upbeat without letting it seem silly in comparison to the more serious world.

Picture from Pinterest, by Viria


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