Should Harry and Hermione Be Together?

J.K. Rowling admitted once that Hermione and Ron’s relationship in Harry Potter shouldn’t have happened, and that Ron could never make Hermione happy. On the fan side of that debate, both sides have good points, and I don’t really have an opinion on the issue.

My problem is that those who say no – that Ron and Hermione shouldn’t have ended up together – usually pair up Harry and Hermione, including J.K. herself. And I really, really hate that pair.

It isn’t that they don’t fit well together. I’m sure that J.K. is right, and Harry would’ve been better for Hermione. I just really, really love their platonic friendship, and I think it’s important to have a girl and a guy be best friends without any romance between them.

People can be friends with people of the gender they are attracted to without being attracted to that person. This needs to be said more, and what can say it better than one of the biggest fandoms on Earth?

Also, Harry and Hermione themselves work really well as friends. They have a good dynamic that – in my opinion – wouldn’t meld the same into being a couple. The easiness the two have around them would be shaken in the first steps of a relationship.

I just really really, love their platonic friendship.

Image from the Harry Potter Wikia

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