What Wonder Woman Did Right (Besides Everything)

I didn’t have a lot of faith in Wonder Woman. The last two DC movies I had seen were disappointing, and I honestly doubted DC had suddenly gotten their act together.

Man, was I surprised.

Wonder Woman was amazing. There’s no other way to put it. Yeah, it wasn’t perfect – but it was as close to perfect as a movie can get (in my opinion). And the fact is, it stands out as a good movie by itself – not just a good DC movie, not just a good female-lead movie, but a good movie period. That’s impressive for a DC, female-led movie.

So here’s a list of what I especially appreciated in Wonder Woman (besides everything).

Wonder Woman herself

The feminist aspect of the movie was a huge selling point pre-release. After all, a female star to a superhero movie is rare – I can’t even think of any other examples at the moment. But personally I doubted that it was going to be handled well, since a lot of characters advertised as “strong female” don’t come across well. For instance, the lead in the TV show Supergirl – called Supergirl, if you didn’t guess – never came across as a great superhero, and the writers didn’t handle writing a female lead well.

But Wonder Woman created a great lead, and avoided many pitfalls others have fallen into. For one, Diana had a personality beyond being a strong female – and that personality wasn’t the withdrawn, mad-at-the-world a lot of female leads  have.

Also, not much attention was drawn to the fact that Diana was a female superhero. It was brought up, as it should be in a movie set in World War I, but it was all for setting and character introduction, and it never felt like the writers were announcing to their audiences how awesome they were for creating a female superhero (like it felt sometimes on Supergirl). 

And then there’s just the fact that Diana (and Steve) was a likable character and enjoyable to watch – something I personally felt was lacking in both Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. 

The Villain 

(Spoiler Alert)

I like who Ares turned out to be – and for more than just a plot twist. It shows how complex war is, and how it’s often the politicians that cause it – not the warriors in the field. Also, it allows for the fact the real humans are often cruel as well – and that keeps the movie feeling more life-like.

The Editing

The editing in Wonder Woman was just so much better than BvS or Suicide Squad that it deserves it’s own place on this list. On a similar note, the humor in Wonder Woman was much better than I’ve seen in DC before. It was actually funny.

The Music

First, the lack of popular music was a relief after Suicide Squad. It kept the movie flowing a lot better and really emphasized the one scene it was used in.

Secondly, that cello was awesome (yeah, it was an electric cello, not a guitar, isn’t that awesome?)!

In a nutshell, Wonder Woman was amazing, and don’t let DC’s bad reputation keep you from seeing it.

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