Review: Inhumans

(Yes, I’m actually posting my review on time, and not months after. How about that?)

On Friday, I saw the Inhumans in the theater. And, honestly, I enjoyed it.

The first thing about Inhumans is that it feels more like two 45-minute pilot episodes than a movie. As a movie, especially a Marvel movie, it doesn’t hold, but when considered as a pilot for a TV series, it works a lot better.

Inhumans starts with an extraordinarily-shot chase scene, introducing the concept of inhumans and the city as well as showing an event that serves later as a catalyst. Afterwards, the audience is introduced to the city of Attilan, and Inhumans wastes no time before introducing the main characters as well as the city they live in. And then, the evil scheme begins.

The plot is obvious, with no major plot twists. The villain is easy to pick out from the beginning as well. However, this is usually the case for Marvel movies – and for superhero films in general. The villain is obviously evil, the heroes are obviously good, and the conflict is a clear-cut battle for the throne of Attilan. Even so, the storyline is engaging and left the audience, or at least me, wanting for more.

The look of Inhumans is what’s really stunning. From the slow-motion raindrops in the beginning scene, to the realism of Attilan, the visuals are amazing. The costuming just adds to the effect, as well as separating the culture of Attilan from the culture on Earth.

Then there is the action. As all Marvel movies, Inhumans has it’s action-sequences. While maybe not as large-scale as the battles in Civil War or Doctor Strange, the scenes are still action-packed and give the heroes plenty of ways to show off impressive skills.

However, Inhumans seemed to have received negative reviews from many critics. Part of that is, as said above, because of the smaller scale of the action scenes. Another part of it is the lackluster powers the protagonists have – which, for me, seem to enhance the heroes, since it shows that they have real-life skills on top of their powers. However, despite the negative reviews, I really enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing the series premiere.

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