Initial Impressions of Star Trek: Discovery

Today marked the release of a new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery, on CBS and CBS All Access. The release of this new show had been hyped up for months, and I was very excited going in. Today I was able to watch the the first two episodes, and it’s first impression was not that great.

It starts simple by introducing the villains and general motive, and then the two leads. The plot quickly escalates as the main characters find themselves at a stand-off with the villains, and soon many problems arise. 

The best part about the new series is definitely the visuals. The effects are amazing, and there was nothing that snapped me out of the story. When added with the thought that went into the set, especially the ships belonging to the villain, and the excellent camera work, the overall impression is amazing.

The music was less amazing. While the soundtrack actually accompanying the show was great, the theme failed to impress. It lacked inspiration, and only borrowed from the original theme at the very end. 

The plot was somewhat predictable, too. Any Trekkie can guess the villains before the show even starts, and they behave very predictably. A lot of the more emotional scenes are highly predictable, too. However, the plot still set up the following episodes, which will hopefully be more surprising. 

The characters were decent, but not amazing. The lead seemed somewhat arrogant, and a little too talented at everything. The mentor-type character was likeable enough, but the rocky relationship between her and the lead ruined it. 

The worst thing about Discovery was the flashbacks. I personally hate flashbacks, even in the pilot episodes, and Star Trek: Discovery had plenty. Added to that was the high amount of Klingon, which, while cool, was harsh on the ears, and story didn’t have a good flow. 

As for it’s Trekiness, Discovery falls flat. It lacks the same comadery as the original series, despite starting on a spaceship that the characters have been on for years. The overall morality, I guess you could call it, of the original series is also absent, focusing instead on an exciting plot. 

Overall, Star Trek: Discovery was disappointing, but without completely ruining its chances in the future. Next Sunday I still will be watching it, but with much lower expectations. 

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