Writing Challenge: Halloween Questionnaire

This is a fun, Halloween questionnaire to ask about your developing characters, in hopes of adding information to childhood memories, creativity, personal likes and tastes, fun, etc…

(Done in second person intentionally, because I personally have enjoyed those more when developing characters.)

Halloween Questionnaire

Did you celebrate Halloween growing up? Why or why not?

Did you ever dress up? If so, what was your favorite costume?

What is your favorite candy?

Do you decorate for Halloween?

What is your favorite type of costume (homemade, creative, creepy, etc…)? 

Does your house ever get trick-or-treaters? 

Do you have a favorite Halloween song (“This Is Halloween”, “Monster Mash”, etc)?

Has any of your hobbies ever held a Halloween-inspired event?

How easily do you scare?

Is there a costume that ended in disaster? 

What is your least favorite part of the holiday?

Post answers down in the comment section below!

Want something more prompt-y? Write about one of the questions. 

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