The Orville vs Discovery: Which One is More Trek

Star Trek has always had a defining feel to it – one of hope for mankind, of the ability for different people from different backgrounds to come together for one goal, and of surviving despite all odds. It’s this feeling that made the original Star Trek series, which aired during a hopeless and divided time in history, so popular and loved.

Today, people still yearn for the feeling the original Star Trek series and its various spin-offs had, and Star Trek still remains popular. As with any franchise with a huge fan base, Star Trek had a new, modern-day series Discovery. Another new series also premiered this fall, The Orville, which was inspired by Star Trek but not technically a Star Trek series.

So how do the two compare?

Star Trek: Discovery doesn’t feel like Star Trek. It lacks the optimism and the hopeful tone of previous Star Trek series, instead feeling more like  another space action series. It’s “diverse” leads feel like step back compared to characters like Lt Uhura or Major Kira. And none of the characters have that close-knit feeling found in the original Star Trek series and subsequent spin-offs.

The Orville, on the other hand, stays truer to the original Star Trek feeling. While it still definitely has flaws, and sometimes forgoes logic for the sake of comedy, it still has an upbeat and optimistic feeling to it. The relationships between the crew feel a lot more natural and more like the original Star Trek crew. Now, I am in no way bringing Star Trek down to The Orville’s level, as Star Trek is obviously a much deeper and more significant show. But The Orville still seems to have a little something to it that Discovery lacks.

Of course, there’s always the older Star Trek series to watch for the original Trek feeling.

Featured picture from Hulu 

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