To All the Nerds Out There Who Want to Name Their Children After Fictional Characters

Guess what: it’s okay 

My parents are major geeks, and have been since forever. So of course when they had their child, they did the geekiest thing on Earth and chose two names from Star Trek. (This was, of course, after my dad wanted to name me Xena Buffy.)

And I turned out just find.

(In case you were wondering, my middle name Nichelle came from Nichelle Nichols, the actress who play Lt. Uhura on Star Trek. My first name, for dramatic reasons, I’m going to keep at just K. If you are enough of a trekkie to try to take a guess, go for it.)

Here’s the thing, both of my namesakes were extremely empowering characters. Lt. Uhura was a woman on the bridge on a spaceship when woman just didn’t get roles like that. The same goes for my first name. And I have always been extremely proud of being named after them.

And, in case you were wondering for some reason, I have never felt the need to become a communications officer or an actress. So my namesakes never pressured me, either.

So, if you want to name your child Hermione Annabeth or Harry Ronald, go for it. And make sure to tell them as they are growing up what they were named after, because maybe they’ll be inspired by the same characters that inspired you so much. Maybe they’ll follow in your nerdy footsteps to find the same shelter you have found in nerdiness.

So if you want to name your child after a fictional character, go for it.

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