Hemsworths and Hiddlestons: Thor Ragnarok Review

AKA The Other Almost Apocalypse

Friday saw the release of the much-awaited Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok. With amazing trailers proceeding the movie for quite some time, and Marvel’s impressive record, Ragnarok was a very promising movie. Very, very promising. Promising to the point where I am actually surprised it managed to live up to it’s promises.

Filled with superheroes, supervillains, bright colors, funny (and occasionally not funny) jokes, amazing special effects, and battles that brought both the superheroes and supervillains to the end of their strength, Thor: Ragnarok brought a comic book feel to the comic book-gone-movie world of the MCU. Starting with an amazing fight between Thor and a fire giant whose name I never managed to catch, and going on a journey that always seemed to go downhill for the heroes, Ragnarok had it’s audience at the edge of their seats as they watched Thor take on his newest adventure.

The characters that the movie focused on were solid, with the leads being Thor (duh), Loki, Hulk/Banner, and a brand new ex-Valkyrie. Each character was well-rounded, even the newest ones, and the costumes, abilities, and powers all added to the action of this superhero movie.

The plot was also unpredictable as it followed the basic writing advice: make everything that can go wrong for the heroes, go wrong. Thor is put through the wringer as he faces Ragnarok‘s villain, and goes through many trials just trying to get to her to defeat her. With every trial he goes through, Thor gains more powers, more allies, and more chances to give his “that’s what heroes do” speech.

Thor: Ragnarok takes a new approach to the humor, though the movie is definitely as funny as any Marvel movie. Ragnarok has the superheroes make human mistakes, go through humanly awkward situations, and mess up their dramatic moments to bring a laugh out of its human audience.

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok proved an excellent addition to the MCU, not that any Marvel fan needs an excuse to see an Avenger do what Avengers do best.

Though, I will admit that I’m disappointed in how little of the movie Doctor Strange was in.

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