Jobs in the World of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter books series doesn’t talk much about the adult life of wizards, since it focuses primarily on the student-age protagonists, but those hoping to write fanfiction might want more than the few jobs covered in the series to choose from.

Since these aren’t the most obvious, here are some jobs that either definitely are or could be in the world of Harry Potter.

Broomstick Related

Quidditch is a huge sport in the world of Harry Potter,  and throughout the series the broomsticks used in this game are seen as improving, such as the Firebolt Harry receives in The Prisoner of Azkaban. 

That means that there has to be someone making the broomsticks, and someone experimenting with them to make them faster. This obviously would be a huge job market – wizards versed in potions or charms, wizards who are good with wood/other materials involved, wizards who test the products. And then, someone has to advertise these new broomsticks, or else the huge fuss seen in the books would never happen.


Healers are the wizard doctors. Obviously, healers would be different from muggle doctors – different techniques, different laws, different injuries – so hospitals like St. Mungo’s would have a variety of both muggle-like and strictly wizarding jobs.

For instance, someone would have to make the potions the healers administer. Sure, the healers themselves could do that, but that would be a highly inefficient system. Also, there’s probably lots of experimentation going around – Prisoner of Azkaban states that the wolfsbane potion has recently been developed, so obviously the magic medical community isn’t at a stalemate when it comes to research. Thousands of other related jobs probably exist as well.


The Harry Potter world isn’t devoid of artists, either. There’s performers, musicians, bands, painters, sculptors, writers, architects, and who knows what else.

Of course, they probably don’t get paid much more than muggle artists do.

Construction Workers

Sure, they’d use magic to get the job done, but someone still has to be using the magic. All-wizarding areas like Diagon Ally would need wizards to build the buildings, keep the streets, deal with the plumbing, and everything else needed to keep the area clean. That also means that there have to be wizard civil engineers and architects.

Train Related

In the books, we’re only showed the Hogwarts Express, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only magical train.

For ever magical train, someone has to conduct, someone has to keep the magical engines up, someone has to check the tracks, someone has to create the magical platforms and put the enchantments around it.

There’s a ton of the other jobs too, but these are just a few examples. And yes, some of the manual work involved would be done by magic, or by house elves, but there still needs to be someone overseeing the work.

For the month of January, I will be focusing on Harry Potter related posts. Check in this month for more posts like this! 

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