In Defense Of Modern Music

(Or a message to all the classic rock jerks.)

Generations always collide, and older generations always end up insulting the younger generations for something. Among the many things this generation is attacked for, today’s version of music is one of them.

And, okay, there’s definitely some things that pop music is missing today, but it also adds a lot of unique elements.

For one, music today is one of the most diverse. I’m not just talking about the radio music here, but overall more and more different types of music are being heard. We don’t just have rock, country, and classical anymore – we have alt rock, metal, folk rock, punk, and many more.

Also, instrumental music is making a comeback. More and more people are listening to movie soundtracks, and musicians like Lindsey Stirling, 2 Cellos, Taylor Davis, and the Piano Guys are gaining popularity. Sure, they are a long way from being played on the radio (except for Lindsey Stirling, which as a fan I’d like to fangirl and say she has been on the radio), but they are gaining popularity and instrumental music is making a small comeback.

And so is a cappella music. Pentatonix has, in fact, been played on the radio before. Peter Hollens is also gaining a ton of fans, and many colleges have a cappella choirs that sing pop music. And it sounds amazing.

In summary, please, please, please stop acting like music has gone downhill recently. It hasn’t.


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