Faith-Based Strength in Characters

There is a huge push for diversity in the literature world today. Part of this is more physical diversity – for instance, more racial diversity or more representation of disabled character. And while this is good, there are other ways to diversify characters.

For instance, where do they get their strength from?

Different people find their strength in different things. For me, as a Christian, I find strength in my faith. So when I see another character also find their strength in faith, I tend to relate to them more.

For instance, Major Kira Nerys of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is very faithful to her home planet’s religion. Even when the Prophets are discovered to be the wormhole aliens, Kira still trusts in them and what she has learned about them. This, as well as a sense of duty to her planet and eventually loyalty to her station and commander, gives her strength and is a major part of her character.

Another character I related to on this aspect was Samirah Al-Abbas from Magnus Chase and the Asgardians (forgive me if I spelled that wrong). Her Muslim faith is impressively strong to the point where she is willing to fast during a dangerous mission, and even though I practice a different faith, I still feel a connection With her. Sam’s faith is a major cornerstone in her life, and despite being a child of a literal god of a different religion, she remains faithful.

My point being, while racial and other types of physical diversity are important, diversity in character and strength is just as important – especially in terms of people relating to characters.

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