Happy Friday – and May the Fourth be with you!

Since today’s post lines up with Star Wars day, I thought I’d write about one of the most significant things in the Star Wars universe: lightsabers. More specifically, why we like lightsabers so much.

They look cool

I mean, obviously. They’re practically glowing swords – of course they look cool.

But it goes beyond the glow. The style of fighting used with lightsabers is cinematically and visually cool.

Just by looking at almost any fantasy and many sci-fi movies and TV shows, it’s obvious that swords in general are favored by the audience. Not only are they the trademark of the fantasy genre, the fighting style allows for cool tricks that makes the audience go “wow!”

Also, the sword fighting/lightsaber fighting can be imitated by audiences. Not necessarily well, but enough to cause a few laughs.

They sound cool

It’s not just the fighting style that audiences imitate – it’s the sounds.

The sound lightsabers make is one of the most recognizable things of Star Wars. It’s one of the things that make lightsabers different from typical swords or staffs, as well as the various tricks pulled with lightsabers.

The sound effects always have an important effect on the audience, and the fact that these unique, sellable, glowing swords make sound just makes them all the cooler.

All in all, lightsabers are cool because they just are.

Image from the Star Wars Wikia

The month of May will be dedicated to Disney posts! I guess you could call it… Dismay.

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