Why The Pixar Theory Is A Thing

The Pixar Theory is simple, in concept: all the Pixar movies take place in the same universe. How that works is a bit more complicated – but there are many blog articles and Youtube videos to describe that.

This is not an explanation of what, or how, but of why. Why do fans make such complicated theories?

Disclaimer: this is just based on observations. I don’t have a psychology degree or anything.

Connecting the Pixar movies is no easy thing. Some have people, some have superheroes,  some have monsters (and people), some have living cars, and some have talking fish (and people). But fans have made it work, and they came up with this complicated conspiracy theory about how Boo from Monster’s Inc is actually the witch in Brave and etc…

The first thing I’ve noticed is that people like patterns – and I’m like, 75% sure that that’s proven (I would link to the study but it’s almost midnight and I was supposed to already have this written, so, yeah). Personally, as a musician, pattern recognition comes easily to me because that’s a major part of what music is. Everything has a pattern, and many – if not most – people like to seek that out.

Secondly, Pixar loves Easter eggs. For instance, the witch in Brave has an etching of Sully from Monsters Inc and that’s where that connection was made. Fans love catching Easter eggs – Roku’s newest scroll screen is proof at that – and Pixar is a pro. And the makers of the Pixar Theory just took that one step further.

And, lastly, making theories like that is fun. You ever want to hang up a bunch of pictures on your wall and string them together with yarn like the people do in movies? Then you probably know what I’m talking about. It’s fun to be obsessed, and it’s fun to take movies a step too far.

Image is a photo of Pixar’s logo. Photo does not belong to me. 

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