Top Doctor Who

Happy June! I figured that for this month, I would do a series of lists – top ten this, top ten that – for my regular Friday posts. Also, a review for Solo should be up soon (ish).

I should note that I have not seen past the last episode of Season 10 with the Cybermen, nor have I watched any original Who.

Here is my top ten favorite Doctor Who episodes:

10 – “The Robot of Sherwood” (S8 Ep 3)


Easily the funniest Doctor Who episode. I cannot watch it without delving into a fit of giggles.

9 – “Asylum of the Daleks” (S7 Ep 1)


I think this episode might have one of the most romantic moments in the show.

8 – “Time Heist” (S8 Ep 5)


One of the two Doctor Who episodes that I truly appreciate for the sci-fi-ness, this episode is all about genius planning and mystery.

7 – “The Pandorica Opens” (S5 Ep 12)


The first part of the two-parter season finale, this episode is one of the more dramatic Doctor Who episodes. And if I had to pick one reason for liking it…

well, fine, it’s Rory.

6 – “Extremis” (S10 Ep 6)


Talk about a plot twist. The whole thing was just some seriously good sci-fi.

5 – “Midnight” (S4 Ep 10)


Okay, yeah, this is mostly because of Colin Morgan, but the premise of this episode is still interesting.

4 – “The Vampires in Venice” (S5 Ep 6)

doctor who_rosanna.jpg

Maybe it’s just cause I love Rory so much, but this episode has always been one of my personal favorites.

3 – “Blink” (S3 Ep 10)


By far the creepiest Doctor Who episode, I have always personally liked the unique style of the story – focusing not on the main characters, but on two random civilians that The Doctor and Martha must rely on.

2 – “The Empty Child”/”The Doctor Dances” (S1 Ep 9&10)


The “are you my mummy” episodes, this two-parter has it’s creepy moments. But it also has it’s funny moments, heartfelt moments, and it’s the introduction of a well-loved companion, Captain Jack Harkness.

1 – “Human Nature”/”The Family of Blood” (S3 Ep 8&9)


These emotional episodes revolve around The Doctor after he becomes human. It’s one of the episodes that digs deep into The Doctor’s emotions – especially love.

Brief summary of the bests of this series:

Best episode(s): Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Funnies episode: The Robot of Sherwood

Best sci-fi writing: Extremis

Best Couple: Rory and Amy

Best Doctor: Twelve

Best companion for

  • Nine – Rose
  • Ten – Martha
  • Eleven – Rory and Amy
  • Twelve – Bill Potts

Best companion overall: Bill Potts

Best character overall: Rory

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