Top Ten Distractions For Writers

What do all writers have in common? We’re not writing.

Distractions are so common for writers that it is a constant joke in the various writing communities. So, I thought I’d make a top ten list of distractions to fit in with this month’s theme: lists.

And no, I’m not writing this as a distraction. I swear. Stop looking at me like that.

10) Working On Another Project

Every writer has been sidetracked in the middle of a project. It’s a fact of life. Just remember that in the end, every little bit of writing helps you improve.

9) Cleaning/housework

At least this is a useful distraction. Cleaning is something I always procrastinate on, and only do as a source of procrastination for other things.

8) Worthless Worldbuilding

After all, you can’t possibly write this project until you know every single detail there is to know. As a pantser, I can’t personally relate, but I’ve heard all about the struggle.

7) “Research”

At what point in endless Wikipedia links does it stop qualifying as “research”?

6) Settting Up That Playlist

After all, music does help the mood. And you can’t write a character death to the Macarena, can you?

5) Moodboards and Aesthetics

Again, you’re just setting the mood. Besides, it’s hard to satisfy your visual need to see your work when it’s unpublished.

4) Talking About Your Writing

And it’s probably not very coherent, is it? But it’s good to talk about what you’re going to write. Eventually.

3) Blogging

Stop looking at me. Seriously.

2) Dreaming About Being A Published, Successful Author

Every writer has already picked out a lead for the movie based on their book, right?

1) Social Media

Social media: the distraction that puts all other distractions to shame. And I’m pretty sure WordPress counts (kinda. Maybe. I don’t know.) so we’re all distracted by it now, aren’t we?

Speaking of which, follow me on Twitter (@shadoweyeblog) and Tumblr (knmartinshouldbewriting)!

Images from Pexel.

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