The Beginning of the Origin

So this is a little out of my comfort zone, so I thought I’d post this little snippet. There will be a full-length origin story soon out on my Patreon!


How Ghostmind Began

By JD Johnson

Look, I’m more of a fiction writer, really. But I can’t say no to Dan, and most of you are asking for this, so here it is: the origin story of the hero we know as Ghostmind.

I, as his very best friend, know the nerd as Dan, or Danny sometimes. He is the biggest clutz in my life, and I’m the James-something-or-another to his Superman.

Yeah, I don’t read superhero comics. I’m more of a high fantasy/historical fiction type of reader. You’d think that’d make me the wrong person to tell this story, yet here it is.

So Ghostmind’s origin story, right? It all began by the only person in the world nerdier than Dan.

And that’s Aaliyah.

Oh, and Clauds. Claudia was the one to bring this whole thing together in the first place.

See, Claudia Klink is as extroverted as she looks. With beautiful blonde hair, long legs, and an inhuman ability to keep up with trends, she would have made an excellent cheerleader. But for some reason, she decided to adopt the three biggest introverts in the school instead as her friend group – me, Dan, and Aaliyah.

So me and Clauds were going to meet up with Dan and Aaliyah to test Aaliyah’s newest gadget. See, Aaliyah is the type of genius you’d expect to be involved in superhero-ness. Child genius, skipped a grade, that type of thing. And that day, she was working on a gadget for Dan – the one that gives him his powers.

Clauds and I met Dan and Aaliyah in a quiet corner next to our school. Aaliyah had spread out a blanket, and had the gadget, a notebook, and a toolkit spread out. She was lounging on the grass, tapping a pencil against her ripped jeans. Her curly hair had fallen out of its bun, and was blowing in the wind. The shadow of the school caused her brown skin to look even darker, and her black T-shirt and jeans blended in with the shadow.

She looked up and grinned at us. “It’s ready.”

Clauds grinned. “Can’t wait to see it work. I mean, I know we can’t actually see it work, but you know what I mean.”

“Hopefully this time I can see it work,” Dan said, walking up next to Aaliyah. He was, as always, wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt with a programming joke and cargo pants. His brown hair was in the longer stage of the battle between him hating long hair and hating getting his hair cut. His pair of orange-tinted sunglasses covered his brown eyes, protecting him from the bright light of a cloudy day.

(Of course, I have my own share of sensory issues, so I really shouldn’t be talking.)

“The whole protons-freezing-with-time thing was definitely a loop I wasn’t expecting,” Aaliyah admitted. “Sometimes the rules of physics get in the way of physic-ing. But you should be able to see fine this time.”

Aaliyah stood up to wrap the device around Dan’s arm, and gave him a more precise rundown of what was going to happen. Clauds and I watched closely, even though we wouldn’t see what happened.

Dan pressed a button, and a second later stumbled.

“Did it work?” Aaliyah asked.

“I think it did,” Dan replied. He sat down on the blanket. “When I hit the button, I felt a little dizzy. But it was so exciting – being able to move around when time’s frozen. Even if I aren’t really moving. Everything just felt so calm.”

“Congratulations, Aaliyah,” Clauds said. “I think your device works.”

So yeah, that’s what happened. But that’s just the boring part. See, the device wasn’t created to be a superpower – just to handle Dan’s overloads. Besides, a hero comes from his actions, not his powers.

But I have homework to do, so I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

TL;DR Aaliyah created Ghostmind’s power. More to come.

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