Alphabet 1 – Spiral

I’ve opened up a new tier on Patreon, for original alphabets, maps, and other world-building things and ideas. Heres the first alphabet – free for all to use:

Alphabet 1 – Spiral

K N Martin

Copyright: This document is for use by whoever wants or needs it, no credit required (but appreciated!)

Basic sentence formatting:

Paragraphs form spiral shapes (excuse my bad drawing)

Each word separates down from the line:

While sentences separates up from the line:

In all, this makes the spiral looks like this:

The letters are the way each line is formed. Each letter is connected like cursive.


The sounds that I picked for forming this alphabet are the following:

  • Long E – like in Eel, Feed, or Bead
  • Long I – like in Ice, Vine, or Slide
  • Long O – like in Ode, Doe, or Flow
  • oo – as in boom, pool or moon
  • Ey – as in hey, or a Long A with a “y” sound at the end
  • Ih, or a short I – like in igloo, itch, or lick
  • B – as in book, blog, or banana
  • K – as in kick, keg, or can
  • D – as in dad, dude, or deed
  • Dr – like drive, droid, or drink
  • Hard G – like good, goose, or girl
  • Ch – like chick, chimp, or check
  • L – as in lot, live, or love
  • M – as in move, moon, or milk
  • A rolled r – as in Spanish or Latin
  • P – like pink, pond, or pile
  • Sh – like sheet, ship, or hush
  • T – like Tint, Tease, or Test
  • W – like West, Wild, or Where 
  • Y – as in You, Yard, or Yedi
  • Tch – as in Hatch, Itch, or Latch
  • Nd – as in end, lend, or pond 
  • Lk – as in elk, milk, or silk

The letters are as follows

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