Poem: Multiply

Plot bunnies,
they call them.
Little, annoying creatures that hop
and hop
and hop and
don’t stop until you write them down.

Plot bunnies are more
vicious than they sound.
A shark is still shark, even by any other name,
and plot bunnies aren’t cute and cuddly
like their namesake (but
they do eat a lot of grass).

In fact,
by this point in time,
I’d say my mind has a bunny infestation,
and that the plot bunnies are eating
all the grass – the grass I need to
fuel my other thoughts,
the important thoughts,
the thoughts that
have an actual affect
on my actual life.

Plot bunnies are more vicious than they sound,
after all.
They are kind of like babies
or toddlers, I guess
(I wouldn’t know),
since they have a tendency
of keeping me awake at night
for no good reason.

But with all this talk about plot bunnies
not being like bunnies (except
for their appetite for grass)
I don’t think there’s a
better animal for ideas
to be

except for one that

is known, infamous even,

for multiplying

Acrophobia (Poem)

We all experience things
In our own little ways
But we don’t stop to realize
That our own ways are only our ways

We are all running a race
And we all have a starting point
But we never consider if
It’s not always the same starting point

We all do things
Somethings with ease
But do we ever wonder if
Others do the same with less ease?

Sometimes what life is to you
Isn’t what it is to me
And that what seems like a joy ride
Can be terrifying to me

So just because you can run
Across the tight rope without fear
Doesn’t mean you can
Shake my rope and laugh at me

And just because what scares me
Doesn’t ever phase you
Doesn’t mean that I’m not
Just as brave as you

So the next time I go
To an amusement park with you
Don’t think I’m not brave
If I don’t ride all the rides you do

Maybe you can stop and think
That maybe you’re different than me
And that what a roller coaster feels to you
Is what a Ferris Wheel feels to me

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