The Beginning of the Origin

Yeah, I don’t read superhero comics. I’m more of a high fantasy/historical fiction type of reader. You’d think that’d make me the wrong person to tell this story, yet here it is.

So Ghostmind’s origin story, right? It all began by the only person in the world nerdier than Dan.

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Top Ten Distractions For Writers

Distractions are so common for writers that it is a constant joke in the various writing communities. So, I thought I’d make a top ten list of distractions to fit in with this month’s theme: lists.

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Scales and Arpeggios

A well-disciplined musician will do more than run through a piece to practice. They run through scales, arpeggios, and exercises. They focus on a section that is giving them problems, and play through it different ways to help learn the notes and rhythms. Sometimes, they just tap out rhythms on their laps. It’s generally expected that musicians practice every day, sometimes for hours.

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How To Start A Novel – A Guide For Those Who Want To Start Writing A Novel For The First Time

And no, this isn’t about how to write a good opening for your novel. This isn’t about how to hook your future audience in at the first sentence. This is how to start writing once you’ve sat down at the computer with a blank word document (or other variations on other devices like phones or paper) for the first time, and decide to write a novel. 

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Breaking All The Rules

The thing with rules is that they are usually there for a reason, but there is an exception to every rule (and an exception to that rule, too). But exceptions aren’t just random – there’s a reason why that particular exception is an exception. The exceptions are the ones that don’t violate the reason why that rule is in place. 

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Why Motivation May Be The Worst Word (Discipline, Part 2)

My mom once gave me relationship advice that I think applies here:

You need to marry someone who you both like and love, because there are going to be some days that you don’t like him (or her), and that’s when you love him. And there’s some days you won’t love him, and that’s when you remember you like him. And there’s going to be some days that you don’t like or love him, and that’s when you remember you made a commitment. 

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