Work In Progresses

The Worldchanger Series, Book 1: The Golden Ruler

My main focus over the past two and a half years. Finished the first draft about a year ago, and am now finishing up the editing stages.

About: On his nineteenth birthday, Mark wakes up to confusion when appearances across campus have changed dramatically. But that’s only the beginning, and soon a strange woman named Gold seeks refuge at the small, isolated campus of Monumental. It isn’t long before Gold shows her true colors, and Mark finds himself leading a rebellion of his fellow students. Except, how are they supposed to rebel against someone who has complete control over their food,  water, and supplies?

Characters: Mark, Katie, Chris, Alissa, Jackie, Kevin, Cameron

The Tial Trilogy Book 1: Iron Vein

A huge worldbuilding project that was a project on the side for a while, but is now officially a project. Still mostly worldbuilding, but I have started the rough draft.

About: The war has never been a major concern to the mining colonies on Craj – that is, until it falls under enemy lines. Determined to keep other species from colonizing space, the True Warrior Alliance decides to destroy the planet, but a group of tech-savvy teenagers escape unnoticed. Determined to save their planet – and their families – the group decides to use a time machine to go back in time and keep the Alliance from ever reaching Craj. That is, if they can figure out how to make the time machine work before they accidentally make a change that could destroy the future.

Characters: Zariah, Vilo, Irlih, Shiskae

Portal Chaser Book 1 (still unnamed)

This is, basically, my fantasy indulgence project. Still in the worldbuilding stage.

About: Magic. Dragons. Portals.

Characters: Kinny, Ash, Shen, Crystal, Buzz, Avia

For more of my writing check out my fanfictions The Unclocker and Not Just Another Multi-Fandom Hunger Games

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